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Spam for everyone

18,915 comments on our little movie site. How many spam? 18,901. Yup.

What a great review from Cinemaslasher! Insightful and honest. Go check it out and poke around the rest of the site. You will enjoy it.


Dead, Buried, And Back article

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting John C. Farris at DaysOfTheDead Atlanta. Below is the link to his review of Ace The Zombie at his web site,!

indie film: Ace the Zombie

-The DeVille

ATZ on the the Radio (follow-up)

As a follow-up to our post about being on Pop Odyssey Radio, here are two links.


Official Trailer

Check out the new, Official, ATZ trailer. As things start to really move for Ace the Zombie, there is no better time to post the official trailer.


ATZ on the the Radio

That's right folks, don't touch that dial!!! Hey, we're going to be on R. Gary Patterson's Pop Odyssey Radio show this Tuesday evening at 9:00 pm - Gary's guests will be Rob Fox, Richard Hempton, and your's truly The DeVille. Give us a shout at 1-615-866-1323. We'd love to hear from you!



Doobious Article wrote a flattering article about the premiere. There are also some great pics there. Check it out.


ATZ Credits

Hey all, the premiere was a smashing success and we'll post some pictures of it very soon. In the mean time, here is the credit roll from the film.

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